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what can be done to save the remaining parts of al-Ghotah?


photos from Slunfeh

click click.. Damn this things that only break when you are most in need for them

the batteries has run out just in the second I was suppsed to take the photo of the group I was with in a trip to Sulnfeh.

There on top of Nabi Unos (Nabi Younes) mountain I was thinking that I need to see the view from another place, a place that will not call on me when I don’t have the energy to respond, or which I can feel a sense of achievment when I have finally reached it.

the trip has been decided in the last minute and I had to borrow half of the fees, for me it was a signal that it will only carry me to a half-nice place with a not full experience, which turned out to be the case till I had that moment, the moment of the group photo.

I was dwelling on the way back, but I was not yet ready to call this a misgiving, I wanted to feel the way I I let go and on the way to the bus I took in the air and started refreshing my energy. an hour and a half later I was having lunch in a resturant on the sea side in Lattakia, Elissar its called, and the day just moved ahead in a ever gray hue.

All in all I loved this trip, I liked the scenary and enjoyed the company of the group, I know I’ll come back some day, and my loneliness wil be kept away.

The sea view was magnificant and the breeze lovely but the reflection of the years had its looming presense and I needed to go back inside.
I felt free in this place, like the wild horses running around that I spotted on the maasser up the mountain, as the music and the flashs of light came dancing around me in the DJ party the day before where I had my almost free scotch and as the way opened up ahead in the evening sitting in bus on our way back home humming  my favorite old songs.

on a lighter note, I wanted to point out just how beautiful  Slunfeh is. being one of the natural treasures of Syria, its forests of pure green and ancient houses is beyond imagination. here are some photos:(click to enlarge)

general view

Nabi Unos mountain

the valley

Sea in Lattakia